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manadren - May-02-2004 server time
laugh.gif Isn't MS Office grand tongue.gif

Funny stuff, particularly that Aventis article. Looks like it came straight out of Redmond until someone with half a brain got their hands on it laugh.gif

Red Squirrel - May-01-2004 server time
Interesting, never knew word had tracking in it... scarry. Next time I send any kind of document by email I'll make sure to copy and paste it in a new word document first. em320.gif

Chris Vogel - May-01-2004 server time

This is not an exciting story: I happened to be browsing aimlessly through case studies and other publications released by Microsoft as a part of their "Get the facts" initiative. At one point, I stumbled upon a Word file I wanted to read - and as soon as I ran it through wvWare, I noticed there is a good deal of amusing change tracking information still recorded within the document.

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