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Networking and Security -> Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

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Red Squirrel - Apr-21-2004 server time
Hmmm maybe invest it in a stock or two before it get's stolen. laugh.gif

Electric Ant - Apr-21-2004 server time
Hey! 100 ice cubes....what does that get me.....another fridge?

Red Squirrel - Apr-19-2004 server time
Outlook rocks! laugh.gif I use foxmail which is not very popular, most people never heard of it before, making it less of a target to viruses. But I never open those anyway. I opened a virus twice and it was a kazaa download, and my A/V caught it. wink.gif

Electric Ant - Apr-19-2004 server time
Did you see last week MS released several critical updates (mainly for XP and NT) including some fixes for Outlook and apparently this was the most updates they've ever released in one go.

Triple6_wild - Apr-14-2004 server time
i found one guy on my address list that was in an msn group that one of the emails bounced from ... like it was sent to the group but ended up in my email so i got him to scan and he did find a virus but im still getting the odd email ...most stoped

the ones im getting know are unknown

ether way lol its like 1 every few days now but b4 he scaned i was getting like 3 to 5 aday

Red Squirrel - Apr-13-2004 server time
I think the best way is to simply delete them. Even checking the headers becomes useless because someone that has one of your friends in their address book might be the one with the virus and that it spoofed as your friend. That's a possible senario. It's so random it's hard to tell where exactly it's coming from. I was getting allot of these but now they seem to have stopped for a bit. I get one here and there.

Electric Ant - Apr-13-2004 server time
I've started getting these too....Delivery Failure Notification from someone I've never heard of but I've apparently sent them an email with an attachment (usually a pif file).

Unfortunately the email address is one I only use for customers so I can't bin it and it's a bit difficult to email everyone and ask them if they have a virus......

Any suggestions of how to stop it!!!

Triple6_wild - Mar-31-2004 server time
ok well i have it narrowed down to 8 ppl who may be sending it lol few other ppl have bin getting the emails too and i asked the ones who are getting it for a list of there contacts to see howmeny contacts we have the same .... turns out everyone who is getting it have the same 8 ppl on there list .... i just sent em all an email to get em to scan there pc's with an updated virus scaner lol probly wont hurt the dumbies ethere lol i would laugh if all 8 sent me an email saying thay did have the worm

Wren - Mar-30-2004 server time
I just deleted 2 returned emails which had attachments from my Web Mail account that's provided by Earthlink. Nothing gets to OE without my permission. I don't have any contacts in the OE addy book either. wink.gif

XooM - Mar-30-2004 server time
Mass-mailers usually attack vulnerabilities in Outlook. If any of your buddies on hotmail are using outlook express it could be them, it could also be the AOL dude, or the comcast dude, you may need to look at a virus library at symantec or Network associates websites, to determine what exactly the virus goes after.

Triple6_wild - Mar-26-2004 server time
hey now that narrows it down alot lol i think i got like 2 ppl on my contact list @sympatico.ca 1@comcast.net 1@angelfire few @aol and msn but rest are hotmail and yahoo so what ones will the virus most work with?

Red Squirrel - Mar-26-2004 server time
Not sure, but I would not be suprised it's him, if the virus sent automaticly. But hotmail is not pop3, so an opened virus won't really send using a hotmail account (it might spoof as one though) so I'm not sure how this would work.

Triple6_wild - Mar-26-2004 server time
haha my buddy pat had his hotmail set to a limit for like how much he can send out cuz he supposedly sent alot daily? lmao about how much do ya have to send to get the limit pushed on ya?

Triple6_wild - Mar-26-2004 server time
lmao if i break it down that way then its everyone on my contact list but you red

Red Squirrel - Mar-26-2004 server time
it's hard to trace it. It's most likely coming from someone that has you in their address book and is stupid enough to open viruses. You can break it down that way and call up those people em320.gif

Triple6_wild - Mar-26-2004 server time
i did a search on google with the attached files names and found this
http://www.apcsnh.com/vacm/vacm030904.html and its supposed to be the beagle.j some sort of mass-mailing worm so is there any possible way to find out who has the worm so i dont get this crap anymore lol

could the email be traced? see where the hell its coming from

Triple6_wild - Mar-26-2004 server time
hey this is odd

From :
<my addy@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :

Sent :
March 26, 2004 11:29:43 AM

Attachment : abuse_list.pif (40 KB)
Are you a spammer? (I found your email on a spammer website!?!)

umm from what i know ive never put my addy up on the net? i have 2 addys and i did have the other one on iceteks and other sites for a short time lol but never got any spam or nothing from it and the one that ive never used for the net is getting all the crap?

anyways 2 new emails with attachments

Triple6_wild - Mar-25-2004 server time
lol i thought it said bitbender to when i first seen it

Red Squirrel - Mar-25-2004 server time
Wow I thought that said bitbender for a minute. em320.gif

*turns off utils*

The "no virus" thing is fake, it's just part of the email. Lot of viruses do that now.

Triple6_wild - Mar-25-2004 server time

From : <richardbeach22@hotmail.com>
Sent : March 25, 2004 9:47:00 PM
To : my addy@hotmail.com
Subject : Re: Hi

| | | Inbox

Hotmail has permanently blocked the following potentially unsafe attachment(s): data20.txt.exe (40 KB) More Info...

I have attached your file. Your password is jkl44563.


From : <lazyasswhiteboy16@yahoo.com>
Sent : March 25, 2004 11:04:38 PM
To : my addy@hotmail.com
Subject : excel document

| | | Inbox


Attachment : document.zip (40 KB)

Please read the document.

+++ Attachment: No Virus found
+++ Bitdefender AntiVirus - www.bitdefender.com


manadren - Mar-25-2004 server time
Yeah, it definitely looks like someone with your email address in their address book got hit with a virusand unknowingly spread the virus using your email address for the sender addy. I got a flood of similar emails a while back for that very reason. Just ignore them and delete them.

Red Squirrel - Mar-25-2004 server time
So the only thing you can do is nothing, or maybe try to nofify your friends because it's most likely that it's someone that has you in their addy book and the virus spoofed as you.

Triple6_wild - Mar-25-2004 server time
yeah i got A/V program and so far nothing has come up n its only bin those 9 emails like that mmm if anymore come in i will let ya know

Wren - Mar-25-2004 server time
Kenshin, sounds like you are in someone's address book that has a virus and it's sending out emails on it's own from your pc. unsure.gif

Are you using an anti virus program? If so, run a scan and see if it picks up anything.

If it continues, you might want to change your email address.

Red Squirrel - Mar-25-2004 server time
Allot of viruses will try to make it look like it's coming from someone else, so they probably put your email in the return address. A new form of spam, making return emails go to other people. rolleyes.gif

Triple6_wild - Mar-25-2004 server time
hey umm well i was online and checked my email then about an hour after i checked it i lost all connection to the net for like 2 hours and when i got back online i had 7 emails like this


From : Mail Delivery Subsystem <mailer-daemon@rwcrmxc13.comcast.net>
Sent : March 24, 2004 6:21:21 PM
To : <MY ADDY GOTTA REMOVE@hotmail.com>
Subject : Returned mail: delivery problems encountered

| | | Inbox

Hotmail has permanently blocked the following potentially unsafe attachment(s): message.scr (40 KB) More Info...

A message (from <ALSO MY ADDY@hotmail.com>) was received at 24 Mar 2004
23:18:53 +0000.

The following addresses had delivery problems:

Permanent Failure:
Delivery last attempted at Wed, 24 Mar 2004 23:19:10 -0000

From :
<MY ADDY@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :
Mail Delivery (failure burmesesnake@attbi.com)

Sent :
March 24, 2004 6:19:01 PM

Attachment : message.scr (40 KB)
If the message will not displayed automatically,
follow the link to read the delivered message.

Received message is available at:
WAS A LINK HERE but i dont want you guys to click just in case lol i didnt click it ether

i also had one like this


From : <postmaster@ezula.com>
Sent : March 24, 2004 5:58:34 PM
To : MY ADDY@hotmail.com
Subject : Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

| | | Inbox

Hotmail has permanently blocked the following potentially unsafe attachment(s): file.pif (40 KB) More Info...

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


From :
<MY ADDY@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :
Re: hi

Sent :
March 24, 2004 5:58:41 PM

Attachment : file.pif (40 KB)
Your document is attached.

++++ Attachment: No Virus found
++++ Norman AntiVirus - www.norman.com

and one like this

From : <mailer-daemon@groups.msn.com>
Sent : March 24, 2004 2:36:58 PM
To : <my addy@hotmail.com>
Subject : Your e-mail to rottweilerworld@groups.msn.com cannot be delivered

| | | Inbox

Your message below could not be delivered. Only members of that group may send
e-mail to this account. The e-mail address from which you sent this message does
not identify you as a group member.

If you are a member, you can check or change the e-mail address you registered
with this group at your E-mail Settings page.

If you are not a member and would like to join this group, you can apply to join

To learn more about MSN Groups or for further assistance, please see our Help


MSN Groups

From :
<my addy@hotmail.com>

To :

Subject :
Your day

Sent :
March 24, 2004 2:37:05 PM

Best wishes,

your friend.

now i donno if its just me but these are ether fake or someone got into my email and is using it to send out a virus or some crap and i know for sure didnt send em ... would be great if you guys could tell me these are fake cuz i dont wanna be in crap for sending viruses cuz i would never do that but if someones using my addy to send em i need to know what can be done about it (already changed pw and question crap)

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