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Why Mozilla is better than Opera
Mozilla vs Opera
By Red Squirrel

This is sort of a part 2 to the "why is Opera better then Mozilla" article, in order to be fair for Mozilla users, such as myself. :P With both articles it will be easier for you to decide what browser you really want to use.

One of the main things that most will agree about that makes Mozilla better is that it has no ads. With Opera, they could basically track down your browsing habits through the ads if they really wanted to. All they really need to do is serve the ads through a php script on their server. But this is only a "could" issue, but last I heard, they don't do that. But just the fact of having an adware program that you use every day can become a security risk. There has even been rumors that Opera has spyware in it's ad system, while they are rumors, nothing stops them from secretly putting some in at some point.

Mozilla is free, while Opera costs money. Well you can get it for free but it has ads which clutter the layout, while the cost version has no ads. For software that is used often, and that should be updated at some point or another, it's always more reassuring to know that it's a 100% freeware. Mozilla is, so you don't have to worry about having to pay again to update, or storing serial numbers etc… You just go to the site, and download!

Mozilla also gives you more choice. You can go with the whole Mozilla suite and install the browser, mail client and other features, or you can go with the trimmed down version and install Firefox. They are both the same in terms of engine but Firefox is smaller, so is also faster.

While Mozilla Firefox is a small browser, it is not limited to being small, because you can install extensions. Extensions are basically add-ons, which can make new features possible. Heck, you can even install a module to make it show ads like Opera does! So for those switching from Opera that don't want to loose the Opera feel, just install that module!

While Opera has features Mozilla does not have, such as the zoom feature which makes viewing of porn sites much more enjoyable, Mozilla also has features Opera does not have. One of them is the ability to force cookies to expire after a certain amount of time. For those who are privacy freaks, you can set it to make sure you'll never get a cookie that lasts more then a specific time, so you can set it to like a week or something. So it makes it harder for sites to track you down. The cookie manager in Mozilla also shows more info on each cookie, such as the name, path, value and expiry date.

Mozilla also renders pages cleaner then Opera. While Opera is MUCH better then IE, and follows standards, it is more likely to mess up a render where you have to refresh. Not often, but sometimes when there's too many animated gifs on one page, it will get really slow. Mozilla seems to handle stuff like this like a dream.

All in all, Opera is not a bad browser, but Mozilla is just better and less bloated. :)

I suggest you give both a try, and see for yourself which one you rather use, since as long as you get away from using IE, you will experience a much nicer browsing experience, while staying secure. But I strongly suggest Mozilla, or Mozilla Firefox to be your browser!

Mozilla's Site
Opera's Site

Red Squirrel
IceTeks Owner/Webmaster

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Latest comments (newest first)
Posted by Red Squirrel on October 10th 2004 (11:52)
That's why you go with the mozilla suite which has everything.

And the problem with relying that an Opera license will get you free upgrades is that they can easly change that at any time if they want.

While with Mozilla, the only thing to worry about, like any other free/open source program, is that they too, decide to charge. But I doubt they would do that... but then again I told myself the same about Invision Power Board and now they charge like double what vB charges.

Posted by Triple6_wild on October 10th 2004 (23:06)
phew lol i thought you already mailed it biglaugh.gif
Posted by Red Squirrel on October 10th 2004 (22:54)
not to worry I won't officially release this until I rewrite it, I knew it sucked before even uploading it, just did not know what to put anymore. The official release is when I mail it out, that's what gives us all the hits.
Posted by Triple6_wild on October 10th 2004 (22:53)
well hey im a bundle of ideas but i need someone to put them into words lol like if i owned the site it would have lots of typos and everything would not have caps and whatnot n would have "lol's" all over the place biglaugh.gif .

heres an idea for you

set the staff section to have an option email to all staff members when a new topic is made in the staff section that will be VERY handy for article previews so the staff members can nit pick at things thay may be wrong with it and where articles can be improoved

like if this article was in the staff section first we coulda threw you these ideas a week b4 the officail release biglaugh.gif (who knows with more heads going at it you may even get better articles all together)

just another thought tho lol

Posted by Red Squirrel on October 10th 2004 (22:28)
I might rewrite it later... now that I gotten around to writting it I'm getting all the ideas I asked for 2 weeks ago. roflmao.gif
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