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Setting up a Backup Server
Home or office Backup Server Solution
By Red Squirrel

Most of us already do at least partial home or office backups, but that's not enough. It's a fact, at some point or the other, your main storage device will fail, and the data on it will no longer exist, whether it's a physical failure, or software failure. To give you an idea, this is a very short list of possible things that can happen:

  • HDD failure
  • Data-destroying virus
  • Accidental format of wrong drive or other user error
  • Corruption caused by a disk operation such as partition resizing
  • Other random corruption
  • Static electricity
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Any other weather related storm
  • Deleted on purpose by someone malicious (through internet, or physical access)
  • Confiscated by the FBI

There are many more ways it can happen. Most of these have a low enough odd, but do you really want to take that chance? Sure you're already backing up the most important stuff to CD/DVD, but if you're keeping the other data, it must have some kind of importance, right?

Always backup!
To avoid loosing data that is valuable to you, you should at least backup the most important data on a different drive, and even different media (or both). At first, my backups consisted of archiving stuff on CD once in a while, and regularly backing up the important stuff to my main server. This is a good start, but you would be surprised how important the "less important" stuff is once you loose it and are left with only the most important.

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Posted by Onykage on February 02rd 2006 (09:55)
I highly recomend gentoo as a flavor a linux to use with a server. Like debian gentoo has a fetch/make-install script in it called emerge. Just goto /etc/portage/ to have a look on the gentoo site. You can find out all you need to know by pulling the -h (help) option on the emerge command.
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